Tia Mcintosh
hi, i'm Tia. im 15 years old, Im crazyyy about victoria's secret pink! and i love all kinds of sweets shopping and glitter!

All the pictures posted on this blog are mine, unless stated otherwise :)
*Please dont steal!
babylexxi: Your blog is my absolute fav :) I love how creative you are and how you make all these pink things they're adorable and so are you! 

aw thank youu! :) I like your blog too!

megan0909: How much do you sell them for 

Kik me! m_tia98

megan0909: How did you get those pink victoria secret converse with the dog on them I've been wanting them for months but they said they don't sell them 

Yeah i always wanted them super bad too! so i ended up making myself a pair to look just like them! i sell them to people who want them too. :)

ihopenoonereconizesme: do you sell your clay pink dogs im kinda obsessed with them! 

yes i do! :) http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261534099377

fashion-parxdise: how tall are you? 

5’6 ish close to 5’7 though :)

tiffpink07: hey love !! can you help me? im 14 and i want to buy bras from victoria but like is it awkward to get measured by them and do u like ask them idk!! 

They are sooo nice there and you can just go into the fitting room area and wait for someone, then when they come up just say you arent sure of your bra size and they will be happy to do it for you and get you bras to try on and everything!